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Google Ranking Secrets

Inbound Links & Your Rankings On Google

Originally Published: April 19, 2005

How The Links To Your Site Can Influence Your Rankings On Google

  • The anchor text and the discovery date of links are recorded.
  • Google might monitor the appearance and disappearance of a link over time.
  • Google might monitor the growth rates of links as well as the link growth of independent peer documents.
  • Google might monitor the changes in the anchor texts over a given period of time.
  • Google might monitor the rate at which new links to a web page appear and disappear.
  • Google might record a distribution rating for the age of all links.
  • Links with a long life span might get a higher rating than links with a short life span.
  • Links from fresh pages might be considered more important.
  • If a stale document continues to get incoming links, it will be considered fresh.
  • Google doesn't expect that new web sites have a large number of links.
  • If a new web site gets many new links, this will be tolerated if some of the links are from authorative sites.
  • Google indicates that it is better if link growth remains constant and slow.
  • Google indicates that anchor texts should be varied as much as possible.
  • Google indicates that burst link growth may be a strong indicator of search engine spam.

What does this mean to your web site?

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