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Search Directories: How To Get Your Site Description Accepted

Write Descriptions Directory Editors Like

Originally Published: November 11, 2003

Let Your Web Site Do The Selling

  • Your site description does not have to be identical to your META Description tag. You're free to enter any description you want as long as it follows the directory's submission guidelines.

  • Don't just submit a list of keywords but 2-3 sentences that convey what your site is about.

  • If the directory demands both a title and a description, then don't repeat the title in your description. You will just be wasting copy, because it will get edited out.

  • Look around in the category you want your web site to be listed in and try to mimic the general wording. Many directory editors have a certain style that they like to see.

  • Speak of yourself in the third person. Don't use the "we" terminology, for example don't say "we offer kitchen furniture" but say "offers kitchen furniture". The directory sites cannot use the "we" word because it would imply that they are the ones offering kitchen furniture instead of your company.

  • Avoid superlatives, exaggeration, hype and marketing speech as much as you can when filling out the submission form. For instance, do not submit titles such as "The best company for kitchen furniture" or "#1 radio manufacturer world wide" (even if it's true). Describe your site in functional terms, not the usual promotional copy used for your visitors.

  • On a related note, don't use all capital letters and exclamation marks. NOT even once! :-)

  • Include only your most important keywords or key phrases in the description. Don't use all the keywords you can imagine.

  • Keep your description short. Editors always edit for brevity, clarity and accuracy. The longer the description, the more likely the editor will have to edit it. If you describe your web site as "Provides a directory of the best affiliate programs on the market where you learn how to build a new income stream", the editor might reword it as "Provides associate program information".

  • Don't use expressions that have no real value and that don't describe the purpose of your site, for example "Welcome to the kitchen furniture site" or "Try our products". Directory editors always delete such phrases.

  • Don't add pricing information in your description. On the one hand, it doesn't describe the purpose of your site and on the other hand, it's often difficult to get your description changed once you've been accepted in the directory.

  • Always spell-check your description. This means that you shouldn't start crafting your description in the submission form on the directory web page but in your word processor application. If you can, let someone else proof-read your description.

Directory Descriptions Conclusions

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