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Search Engine Marketing 102: Boosting Prominence

By Matt Paolini

Originally Published: January, 2003

Boosting Prominence Objective:

Boosting Prominence Example 1:

Boosting Prominence Example 2:

<TITLE>WebPosition Gold Search Engine and Web promotion Software</TITLE>
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="WebPosition Gold, Search Engine Optimization">
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="WebPosition Gold - The World's Leading Search Engine Optimization Software!">
<!-- JavaScript to prompt the user for an email address -->
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="/scripts/validate.js" TYPE="text/javascript"></SCRIPT>
<!-- Style sheet that changes the color of the browser scroll bar (IE 5.0 and Higher) and sets the default font of the page to Arial 12 point -->
<LINK REL="StyleSheet" HREF="/css/styles.css" TYPE="text/css">
<BODY text="#000000" bgColor="#ffffff">
<P CLASS="DefaultFont">
This is the main body text area.
<FORM METHOD="POST" Name="Subscribe" OnSubmit="return ValEmail();">
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Email" VALUE="">
<INPUT TYPE="Submit" VALUE=" Subscribe ">
function ValEmail()
var result = true;
if (document.Subscribe.Email.value == "")
alert("Please enter an email address.");
result = false;
return result;
  • It eliminates the use of several lines of code in the <HEAD> area, allowing the search engine to more easily access the <BODY> text and discouraging them from indexing irrelevant content. Some engines may be smart enough to ignore JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets when computing prominence scores. However, if there are no keywords in the JavaScript/CSS that you want indexed, it is safer to put them in another file.
  • The technique allows you to quickly include these files on multiple pages by simply referencing them via just one line of code per file.
  • If you need to modify these files, you only have to modify the validate.js and styles.css files once. The changes will appear on all of the pages in which you have referenced them.
  • The change decreases the size of your pages, making them load quicker. The first page load would be about the same, but a browser should cache subsequent loads of validate.js and styles.js, thus reducing download time.
  • The technique discourages novice visitors from stealing your JavaScript and CSS code by offloading it to a less visible file.
  • It makes your code much more manageable by eliminating repetition.
This article is copyrighted and has been reprinted with permission from FirstPlace Software.

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