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Choosing the Best Keywords

Target Niches, Think Like Your Target Audience

Originally Published: September, 2004

Put Yourself In The Shoes Of Your Target Audience

Therefore, you must change your point of view from the person selling the product to the person that wants to buy your product. For example, popular phrases to target in the clothing category would be "plus size clothing," "mens clothing," or "womens clothing." How do I know this? I used WordTracker. When I typed in the word "clothing," it instantly pulled up a wide range of related keywords from which to choose, all ranked by popularity.

Target Niches

  1. Niche keywords still produce a nice flow of traffic if you're careful to pick ones that still have good popularity.
  2. Niche keywords will significantly increase your chance of success. Achieving a top ranking will be much easier with a niche keyword phrase versus a very broad, highly popular phrase. No top ranking can be guaranteed in an organic search engine like Google. There are simply too many variables. Therefore, you'll greatly increase your chances of success by choosing less competitive keyword phrases. Work smarter, not harder as I like to say.
  3. Niche keywords will save you time. While you could use various tools and research to achieve a top ranking for "mens clothing," the time required to do so may not be worthwhile. Let your competitor waste their efforts on the ultra-competitive phrases. In the same amount of time they spend trying to achieve a single top ranking for your industry's most popular phrase, you could achieve top rankings on twenty other phrases.
  4. Niche keywords yield more sales per visitor. That's because these keywords are more targeted. Therefore, these prospects have a better idea of what they want. If they find it on your site at the right price, then your chances for a sale are much greater.
Editor's Note: Word Tracker offers a free trial and a free Keyword Research eBook

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