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Seven Steps of Search Engine Optimization Part 2

Page Creation & Optimization

Part 2

Originally Published: February, 2004

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3) Page Creation and Optimization

4) Uploading

5) Submitting

This is perhaps the best known of the seven steps, partly because you see so many advertisements for bulk submission to hundreds, or even thousands of Web sites. These services stay in business because people are attracted to the promise of a single-click, silver bullet solution. Unfortunately, submission is only one part of the process, and a minor one at that. Most of the sites on these bulk submission lists are not search engines at all, but simply scripts designed to gather names and e-mail addresses from unsuspecting search engine marketers. Only a relative handful of search engines command enough traffic to be worth promoting to.

6) TraffIc And Revenue Tracking

Ultimately, it is not top rankings you are after, but more traffic and sales. This is where your investment in search engine optimization really pays off. We have many customers generating thousands of dollars a month in sales. Once you get your traffic-building pages set up, then the pay-off comes in month after month. There are many good tools out there for tracking traffic, with some that will even track revenues. WebPosition includes one that does both, powered by HitsLink. Besides the usual reports, it shows you your revenues by keyword, engine, advertising campaign, and other demographics.

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