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Word Tracker Examples

Examples Of An Ingenious Way To Use Wordtracker

Part 2

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By Robin Nobles

Originally Published: April, 2002

Now, let's look at a "new" way to use Wordtracker, John's step-by-step approach:

Another Word Tracker example

  • The Top 20,000 words $99
  • The Top 100,000 words $500
  • The Top 500,000 words $2000"

Additional Word Tracker suggestions

  • When John goes to Comprehensive Search, he doesn't put in a huge list of keyword phrases. He types in one single word, then lets Comprehensive Search do the rest. This allows him to come up with ideas and angles that he would have never considered before.
  • Like John, spend a lot of time thinking of your target audience. Who are you trying to sell the products or services to? There may be several target audiences, as in the case of our aromatherapy example. If so, go after keyword choices to target each of those audiences.
  • Don't be afraid to let your creativity take hold. If your first few choices don't work, continue trying. Using Comprehensive Search, it doesn't take long to go back through the system with a different keyword idea. Keep going back until you find a possibility that might work for your site or the site of a client.
  • Be sure to give the surfer what they're looking for when they choose your site from the search results. If you promised them "techniques of massage," then be sure to give them good, solid content in that area, including related links. Weave your products and services throughout the page as you can. But, don't ever try to trick a surfer.
  • If you get stuck and just can't find a keyword phrase with a high KEI and a low level of competition that will work for you, take a slightly different approach. Instead of trying to bring in a large amount of traffic through one single window, try creating several windows and bring in a little traffic through each one. Though more time consuming, this strategy can be equally effective in the long run.
  • If you aren't already a member of Wordtracker, sign up for the free trial ( and test the system out for yourself. Pricing is very reasonable, depending on your needs. For example, you can use the service for a week for $19.94, and many other plans are available.

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Continued From: <<< Wordtracker Made Fast And Easy

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