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Link Requests That Work

Avoid These Reasons Webmasters Delete Link Exchange Requests

Originally Published: August 17, 2004

A good way to increase the link popularity of your web site is to contact other webmasters. Nowadays, webmasters get many link exchange email messages so it's more difficult to get noticed.

Do the following things to make sure that webmasters reply to your link exchange request:

1. Don't require too much action from the other webmaster.

Some people write link exchange messages that read like this: "If you want to exchange links with us, click this, go here, and fill out this to make a request."

Remember that you ask the other webmaster and not the other way around. Link to the other web site first and tell the other webmaster where he can find the link.

2. Don't teach the other webmaster about search engine optimization.

Don't tell the other webmaster how great the effect of a link exchange will be for the search engine ranking of both web sites. The other webmaster probably knows this anyway. Some people don't like to be taught in an email message they didn't request.

3. Keep your email message short.

Don't bore the other webmaster with long email messages. Come straight to the point, tell the other webmaster where he can find his link and where he can find easy to use copy/paste code for the link to your site.

4. Don't ask for a link if the other web site is totally unrelated to your site.

Many webmasters don't like it when they receive a request from a totally unrelated web site. Most people will only link to another web site if the other web site has something to offer for their visitors. Only write to related web sites.

5. Link to the other web site first.

Make sure that you link to the other web site before asking for a link back. Why should the other webmaster link to you if you haven't bothered to link to him first?

Tell the other webmaster where he can find his link and make sure that the URL is correct.

6. Make sure that your web site has a professional design.

It's very important that both your web site and your link pages have a professional design. Your company shouldn't look like a dubious shop. Professional site design is very important for the success of your linking campaign.

7. Be polite and humble

Don't praise your own web site. It's enough to mention your web site URL and to explain what both your site and the link partner's web site have in common.

Don't use superlatives or more than one exclamation mark in your email message. Do not use "sales talk" in your link exchange message, for example listing 5-10 benefits to the potential link partner.

8. Don't use free email addresses.

Do not use a free email account, for example "". It makes your link exchange mail seem like a spam mail.

Further information about writing successful link exchange messages can be found here: How To Optimize Your Linking Campaign

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