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Building Your Site's Link Popularity

Do's and Don'ts for Link Popularity Improvement Part 1

By Robin Nobles & Brent Winters

Originally Published: Feburuary, 2003

Do's for Building Your Site's Link Popularity

  1. When you visit related sites, look to see if they offer guestbooks or forums. If they do, post a message, and include your URL in your signature.
  2. Concentrate on related and important links only. Sheer numbers are no longer important. What's important is that the more popular sites on the Web link to your site, as well as making sure that the links pointing to your site are relevant to your topic area.
  3. List your site in one or more of the major directories such as Yahoo!, Looksmart, and Open Directory Project. Open Directory is free, so it's a good place to start. Also, see if your site is relevant to a particular area, and submit it to the guide. WebPosition's Page Critic provides good tips for getting the most from your directory submissions.
  4. Visit and search for your competitors. Start visiting the sites that are linked to your competitors, and write to see if they'll consider linking to your site.
  5. Create a list of links before you ever contact sites for linking purposes. If the company sees that you've already added their URL to your list of links, they'll be more apt to add your link on their site in return. Again, concentrate on related links only.
  6. Consider what other fields are related to your particular industry and concentrate on getting links from those areas. You won't want to add competing sites to your link page, but you probably won't mind adding links to sites that aren't direct competitors. For example, if you have a site that sells needlework kits, you won't want to list other sites that sell needlework kits. However, you probably won't mind linking to sites offering related products, such as sewing baskets, books on needlework, or online sewing classes.
  7. Consider setting up separate theme-oriented domains and link all of your domains together.
  8. Offer a discount on your goods or services for anyone who agrees to post a small graphic on their site that links back to your site.
  9. Create a testimonial page, and write a brief testimonial about any Web site that you'd like to get linked to your site. Inform the site of the testimonial, and encourage them to link to the page.
  10. Or, write testimonials of particular products, and sign the testimonial with your name and URL. Send the testimonials out to the individual companies, and tell them how much you've enjoyed using their products. Many companies will place testimonials in particular areas of their site, and they're delighted to get rave reviews about their products.
  11. Offer awards on your site, and give out little graphics that link back to your site.
  12. Set up an affiliate program, which is an excellent way to boost link popularity. is a good example since you host it on your own server. Affiliate services that require your affiliates to link to their server will not help your link popularity rating.
  13. Visit the Reciprocal Linkage Topics area of forums and look for new ideas for building link popularity
  14. Become a content provider in your focus area, and get your articles posted across the Net in related areas.
  15. Are there any professional organizations related to your industry? If so, do they have pages of links?
  16. Develop a plan for boosting link popularity, and then stick to it. Pledge to get so many new links a week. Consider hiring a high school or college student at minimum wage to work for you, if needed.
  17. The best link analysis tool on the market is It will analyze your own Web site's complete linking structure along with your competitors and show you exactly what areas you need to work on.
  18. While exchanging links with popular sites is important, be aware that with Google, the more outgoing links you have, the more your link popularity score may be reduced. Therefore, links to your site are more influential when you do not have to link back.

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This article is copyrighted and has been reprinted with permission from FirstPlace Software.
Editor's Note: Arelis link management software is a great tool to use for a successful link popularity campaign.

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