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What The Google Patent Means For SEO

Originally Published: May 17, 2005

  1. How Page Changes Affect Rankings On Google
  2. Domain Name Influences On Google Rankings
  3. Inbound Links & Your Rankings On Google
  4. Google Search Results & User Data: Affects On Your Rankings
  5. How Google Tracks User Behavior

Google might use the following to determine the ranking of your pages:

  • the frequency of web page changes
  • the amount of web page changes (substantial or shallow changes)
  • the change in keyword density
  • the number of new web pages that link to a web page
  • the changes in anchor texts (the text that is used to link to a web page)
  • the number of links to low trust web sites (for example too many affiliate links on one web page)

Your Google rankings can also be influenced by your domain name:

  • the length of the domain registration (one year vs. several years)
  • the address of the web site owner, the admin and the technical contact
  • the stability of data and host company
  • the number of pages on a web site (web sites must have more than one page)

How Google might rate the links to your web site:

  • the anchor text and the discovery date of links are recorded
  • the appearance and disappearance of a link over time might be monitored
  • the growth rates of links as well as the link growth of independent peer documents might be monitored
  • the changes in the anchor texts over a given period of time might be monitored
  • the rate at which new links to a web page appear and disappear might be recorded
  • the distribution rating for the age of all links might be recorded
  • links with a long life span might get a higher rating than links with a short life span
  • links from fresh pages might be considered more important
  • if a stale document continues to get incoming links, it will be considered fresh
  • Google doesn't expect that new web sites have a large number of links
  • if a new web site gets many new links, this will be tolerated if some of the links are from authorative sites
  • Google indicates that it is better if link growth remains constant and slow
  • Google indicates that anchor texts should be varied as much as possible
  • Google indicates that burst link growth may be a strong indicator of search engine spam

Search results and user behavior might influence your Google rankings:

  • the volume of searches over time is recorded and monitored for increases
  • the information regarding a web page's rankings are recorded and monitored for changes
  • the click through rates are monitored for changes in seasonality, fast increases, or other spike traffic
  • the click through rates are monitored for increase or decrease trends
  • the click through rates are monitored to find out if stale or fresh web pages are preferred for a search query
  • the click through rates for web pages for a search term is recorded
  • the traffic to a web page is recorded and monitored for changes
  • the user behavior on web pages is monitored and recorded for changes
    (for example the use of the back button etc.)
  • the user behavior might also be monitored through bookmarks, cache, favorites, and temporary files
  • bookmarks and favorites are monitored for both additions and deletions
  • the overall user behavior for documents is monitored for trend changes
  • the time a user spends on a web page might be used to indicate the quality and freshness of a web page

Miscellaneous factors that can influence your Google rankings:

  • web pages with frequent ranking changes might be considered untrustworthy
  • keywords that have little change in the result pages are probably matched to domains with stable rankings
  • keywords with many changes in the results are probably matched to domains with more votality

How to optimize your web site for Google's ranking algorithm

Editor's Note: May 17, 2007 More Google Patent News: Two New Google Ranking Patents

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